Center For Healing, Restoration, andJustice

The Center for Healing & Restorative Justice was launched after the founder felt a call to ministry focusing on interfaith healing and restorative justice. The mission is to assist people on their spiritual journey through guidance and support services.

About Us

Rev. Dr. Zaria Davis is a spiritual care and restorative practitioner, educator, and advocate. She founded the Center for Healing,  Restoration, & Justice (C4HRJ) after a spiritual call to address trauma, restoration, and healing in the advocacy and nonprofit world that she was working. Zaria is ordained through United Church of Christ. Dr. Davis is passionate about restoration and healing for individuals impacted by oppressive systems, especially within the criminal legal system and within the workplace. 


Zaria holds a DSW (Social Work) from Capella University, MDiv from Eden Theological Seminary, MSW from the University of Cincinnati, and BA in Sociology from Wilberforce University. She is trained in Mental Health First Aid and in healing circles. Zaria is a certified Reiki practitioner and coach. Her circles have focus is with professionals with dealing harm & burnout; advocates, activists and organizers; currently and formerly incarcerated and families; and addressing racial equity.  Dr. Davis facilitates workshops and trainings addressing post-incarceration syndrome, secondary trauma, and preventative & self-care. Zaria serves as an Equity Champion through the UC Center for Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation. She is a member of various local and national organizations.  Dr. Davis provides nonprofit and business coaching, consulting, presentations, and facilitation, as well as public speaking engagements throughout the country through New Direction Coaching & Consulting, LLC.

Why Healing, Restorative Practices, & Justice?

We are living in a time when people are experiencing various forms of trauma. People are not only seeking answers but clarity on how to navigate in a world full of transition.


Healing work can reduce anxiety, improve sleep, restore balance, support physical healing, and provide peace. There has to be an openness of the person to actively engage in this process. However through the development of an individual self-care or team wellness plan, progress may be made. 

Restorative Practices 

Restorative Practices is not a new and has recently been reintroduced as a method of addressing harm. It allows a space for voices to engaged in various platforms. It involves a participatory process that seeks to improve processes, repair harm, and open a path to community healing. Restorative Practices can be seen and experienced in a host of environments such as the criminal legal system, the educational system, faith-based communities, the workplace, and communities in general. 


Justice is what we have all be called to do while we are on this earth. We have a responsibility to one another. Addressing inequity, advocating for the oppressed, and serve one another is a part of that call.  


We will work with you individually or your team to provide the following support:

Individual or team assessment

Designated sessions to address the needs identified

Develop of a plan that works for you. 

Follow up on implementation of the plan. 


We work with you to care for yourself so that you may care for those you serve. 

Healing circles allow a space for people to come together as a community. It is a place where people may be their authentic selves with others in a safe environment. Circles are places where people are held and supported throughout the process.


Each circle will be different and can be catered to a specific group or be a general circle depending on the needs of the participants. Participants will harness their combined energy to encourage collective healing. The host or facilitator prepares the space for the group in advance and helps in guiding the process.

Designing a workshop or training for your team based on the current needs. This includes a brief introductory meeting and planning meeting prior to the event. A follow up survey or discussion will occur afterwards. 

We will work with your team directly to explore areas where support may be needed. This will be a space of co-creation and development of community. 

Dr Zaria is open to speak at your next in-person or virtual event. 

We will host an annual retreat to open up a space for you to care and nurture your mind, body, and spirit. 

If you would like to book Dr Zaria for a private or mini retreat just let us know.


Zaria Davis, MDiv, DSW

Center 4 Healing & Restorative Justice (C4HRJ)